Andrea Gibson’s “About The Weather” Poem Will Warm Your Soul

Let’s take a closer look at our seconds, minutes, hours

Weather is the great unifier. It's the go-to for conversation starters or pulling one out of a lull. Chances are you've uttered something like, "Some rain, huh?" or "Can you believe this heat?" in desperate times. That's fine! But man, how... expected.

Fed up with the monotony of such questions, renowned spoken word poet Andrea Gibson penned a piece called "About the Weather." Written during a blizzard in Colorado, Gibson dives deeper than your casual, weather-based conversation. 

"After I got bored of answering with my own small talk, I imagined what my response to that question would be if I took the time to answer it thoughtfully," they tell us. "I love the journey that thought process took me on, the memories it surfaced, the magic of growing up in the winters of northern Maine, and how that shaped my lens on the world around me today." It's a poem they rightfully consider to be one of their "more whimsical pieces," but it still cuts deeply, asking us, listeners, to consider how we go about observing our day-to-day. Gibson adds, "It speaks to my want to shake free from the script, to not robot my way through my days small-talking the beauty out of the beauty."

Experience their winter, below, with our exclusive premiere. Gibson's latest collection of work, HEY GALAXY, is out today via Tender Loving Empire.