Anna Kendrick John Krasinski Lip Sync Battle Video

chrissy teigen dances, too

There exists a show wherein two celebrities lip sync, not for their lives, but for the viewing pleasure of other humans. It’s a peculiar formula that, in all honestly, doesn’t make much sense. But here we are, living in the 21st century, watching and talking about 21st century things like lip syncing celebrities.

Anna Kendrick and John Krasinski went head-to-head last night on the aforementioned show called Lip Sync Battle. She performed One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” and took a stab at Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty.” He donned a dress and shook across the stage like Tina Turner, and busted out a toned-down version of Darrin’s Dance Grooves choreography for *NSYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye.” It’s honestly one of the most bizarrely enjoyable things you’ll watch.

It also raises more questions than it probably should: How much time and effort did Kendrick and Krasinski put into these performances? Were there rehearsals? What do they gain from this? Have we truly fatigued our patience for singing competition shows with the John Smiths of the world that we now turn to non-singing singing competition shows for fun? And why the heck is Chrissy Teigen there? Wait, maybe the better question here is why wouldn’t she be there.