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tour diary: anna lunoe

part one of our series with the musician on her north american tour.

by anna lunoe

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Anna Lunoe, I am a DJ/producer and singer from Sydney, Australia. I moved to L.A. last year for music, and I am just about to partake in my first bus tour of the USA!

Over the next eight weeks I'll be traveling across North America in a tour bus with The Weeknd and Banks--and guess what? I'll be telling you guys all about it! 

So here is the plan. We start on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, drive down through Seattle and San Francisco to L.A. then across through Texas, to Atlanta, Miami, New York, Boston and ending up The Weeknd's home town of Toronto!

Packing for a tour is a tricky beast at the best of times. I have spent years perfecting my techniques, but still I feel unprepared for most things most of the time! But I definitely have some pointers to share with you. Lets start with the basics:

1. Denim Mini Skirts

I need to tell you a secret. I have essentially been wearing the same thing to every gig of my whole music career. I can't wear a lot of stuff when I perform because I get too hot or too cold, or I feel restricted, or I jump around too much and ruin it. Denim skirts are the best. You literally can't rip or ruin them. (Trust me.) You can wear them day or night, dress them up or down, put tights with them in winter, wash them one million times and wear them one million ways. The best! Pack two of these (or even one if you are traveling light!) and you are in good shape. I usually carry a fun mini to mix things up--at the moment I always have this silver mini by Stylestalker with me. 

2. The Hoodie

Nothing makes you feel comfortable like a good hoodie. Tour buses and planes are kept at notoriously low temperatures most of the time and a good hoodie is a game changer. This Nike hoodie is my favorite. It's comfortable, warm, can be worn while working out and still looks cute.

3. Good Reading Material

Touring involves a lot (A LOT) of sitting around. That's what you don't read about touring. It is really hard to motivate yourself to use that time effectively, but reading is your friend. It really helps to pass the time and keep your mind focused and inspired. At the moment I am reading all about the New York punk scene in the '70s and it is the best. If anyone wants good music book recommendations hit me up on




and I'll tell you my favorites; I have heaps!

4. Cameras

I have learned that even the stuff that was annoying or boring at the time becomes funny in hindsight and fun snappy disposable cameras are a really nice way to remember things. Tip: Buy them in bulk on Amazon to keep the costs down.

5. A Sleeping Mask 

Essential tip: Get the thickest, softest one that is made of natural fibers so that your face doesn't sweat.

6. Good Sneakers (Including One Old Pair)

I am going through a phase where I only wear sneakers. I have been through this a few times, and while leather shoes are great and all, kicks make tour life a lot better for me. I usually have three fresh pairs to choose from, then one pair thats for day-to-day and working out. These ones are from Nike and Adidas for Opening Ceremony. 

7. The Small Things

Little things make a big difference on the road.  Air conditioning means dry flat skin. Simple. You need a good moisturizer for your face, your body and your hands. I use Kate Somerville face products and love Weleda Skin Food for my hands. I have also realized that a really nice-smelling candle can make me feel a lot more at home! Make sure that you get one with a metal lid; try Cire Trudon's Dada candle with scent-blending tones of eucalyptus, buchu leaves, tea, mint, and camomile. They're soothing, calming, and good for clarity. Mmmmmmmm.

8. Cosmetics

Making the most of a little bit of space is the key, so I am always looking for efficient ways to change things up. My basic makeup kit involves Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, good concealer, and powder (at the moment I'm using MAC Matte Finish pressed powder and Benefit concealer), and I also can't live without a really good blush. Seriously, the blush is key when it comes to giving life back to tired faces! I always take a few key lipsticks with me to change things up. At the moment I love this dark purple Rimmel Shade 04, and Pink Nouveau by MAC. I'm also love this little white liner from Rimmel. 

9. A Gel Mani

When it comes to nails I tend to get a gel mani before I leave because it lasts the longest. I have tried traveling with nail polish, but more often than not that ends up with a catastrophic nail polish spill. I am clearly not to be trusted to travel with nail polish, but maybe you will have more luck. Just make sure you keep it in a plastic bag!

10. Hair

I recently discovered that I can avoid traveling with my big bottles of shampoo and conditioner if I just take a small bottle of Moroccan Oil! It is so good at taming my hair, meaning I can totally get away with using hotel products without having bad hair days. Revolutionary! Again, plastic bagging this is a must. 

11. Olive Leaf Extract

This might be my best secret. Nothing bums out traveling like being sick, so keep your immune system super strong with this natural antibiotic! I have found nothing to be more effective, and I have tried it all.

photo courtesy of anna lunoe
photo courtesy of anna lunoe
photo courtesy of anna lunoe
photo courtesy of anna lunoe
photo courtesy of anna lunoe