New Apple Watch Tinder App Uses Heartbeat To Swipe

the heart wants what it wants

by jenny lee

All that mindless swiping on Tinder can become really tiring. Plus, there are times we aren't entirely sure whether to swipe left or right because we don't ever really know what we actually want. 

The folks at T3 Agency are about to make it a little easier for your tired fingers and confused minds. They are creating a new, hands-free Tinder app for the Apple Watch, which will swipe left or right based on your heartbeat, under the assumption that a more rapid heart rate signals attraction. That's right—you simply have to look at the photo and your heart rate decides whether you want a match. 

The idea is interesting, although it might cause some problems if your quickening heart rate isn't from attraction so much as it's from nervousness or anxiety. Still, we can't say we're not intrigued. Maybe this will be the key to creating more honest matches.