apply yourself

because the basic t-shirt is so boring.

by liza darwin

One way to make clothes really your own? Create them yourself.

L.A.-based company Apliiq makes the process easy for us non-designers by producing customizable basic t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, and more. Each item of clothing can be personalized down to the color, fabric and pattern.

The best part is that each piece is completely sustainable. Most of the base garments are from American Apparel, so they're produced locally, and the fabric swatches are collected from all over the world.

Apliiq says its purpose is to "upcycle" rather than "recycle," which means they add value to old fabrics by transforming them into cool new products. And, since they're constantly searching for new patterns, the selection is always changing and each item is totally unique.

An upgrade from the plain white tee, indeed.

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