The Coolest Aquamarine Jewelry For March Birthdays

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    by · March 02, 2016

    February is finally over and March is here—which means we’re that much closer to spring. In addition to the coming of warmer weather, there’s a new that birthstone to take reign: aquamarine. Its name is fittingly derived from the Latin words for “water” and “sea,” as it’s normally seen in lighter tones that range from gorgeous sky blue to a deep bluish green.

    While aquamarine makes for one pretty piece of jewelry, the beliefs behind it are even cooler. It’s said to keep the wearer calm and levelheaded—something we could also use in our fast-paced modern-day lives—and symbolizes honesty, faithfulness, and beauty. For those of you into crystal healing, it’s believed to cure the “blues” relieving ailments of the liver, jaw, stomach, and throat. It was also thought to be the source of power for fortune-tellers, earning it the nickname “magic mirror.”

    We rounded up some of the best aquamarine jewelry that makes the perfect gifts for your favorite Pisces and Aries or for the mermaids in your life. Click through to the gallery to see our picks.

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