Here’s A Very Impressive Video Of Ariana Grande Singing “Dangerous Woman” A Cappella

air guitar solo included

Early this morning, Ariana Grande posted a video on Twitter, promising something "fun and different." Ladies and gentleman, Ariana Grande tells no lies. The clip features the pop star wearing her latex bunny getup in a sparse room as she belts out her new single "Dangerous Woman," completely a cappella. Only a singer of Grande's towering skill would ever dare to pull this off, and that's exactly what she does.

Pacing back and forth, Grande effortlessly nails every note, and the whole thing sounds like the greatest American Idol audition in history. At one point, Grande busts out a killer air guitar solo, because that's how hard she was feeling this. "Dangerous Woman" is the title track from  Grande's upcoming album, out May 20. If you can't get enough, just last week, the singer released another track off the album, "Be Alright," which you can listen to here