Ariana Grande And Jimmy Fallon Made A Music Video Entirely On Snapchat

Entirely on Snapchat!

by daniel barna

Did Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande just give us a window into the future? The steel-voiced singer appeared on The Tonight Show last night, and while we were secretly hoping Grande would bust out another round of her famous impressions, or have another conversation entirely in lip sync, the duo decided instead to totally shift the paradigm. Fallon and Grande used the national stage to debut a new music video for Grande's summer earworm "Into You” made entirely on Snapchat.

While the new version is a far cry from the steamy clip Grande debuted back in May, Fallon and Grande might actually be onto something here. By zipping through Snapchat's most popular filters--face swap, rainbow mouth, and everything in between—the duo crafted an oddly compelling, often creepy visual that could change the way music videos are made forever. Just think about it: No more reliance on huge VFX budgets, no more daunting production schedules, and no more tireless mornings spent in the makeup chair.

Okay so maybe that's a bit of a stretch. But at least Jimmy Fallon just stumbled on his next great viral bit! 

Watch the Snapchat version of "Into You" above.