Ariana Grande Joins Mac Miller For A Chill New Song “My Favorite Part”

Catch the vibe

Ariana Grande sounds right at home in Mac Miller's funky take on soul. For their third song together, the real-life couple slow things down and grooves. The track is called "My Favorite Part" and it's a no-frills jam perfect for turning down.

"You just don't know how beautiful you are," Miller sings, revealing his favorite part about his love. Grande comes in for the song's bridge and harmonizes with Miller throughout. Her vocals shine while his flirt with a playful cockiness.

"My Favorite Part" is lifted from Miller's forthcoming album, The Divine Feminine, which sounds like a nice complement to Grande's latest, Dangerous Woman. That part, however, is mere coincidence. What's not is how good these two sound together. Listen for yourself, below.