Watch A R I Z O N A’s Sublimely Mellow Video For “I Was Wrong”

Watch “I Was Wrong” here

Simplicity is, perhaps, one of the more difficult things to master. You've got to strike that perfect, delicate balance between meaning and detail. Give too much and you complicate the narrative; give too little and the message is lost. For A R I Z O N A, the heartbreak and longing depicted in its new video for "I Was Wrong" is delivered in a sublime, muted package.

"'I Was Wrong' is an interesting piece to us in the sense that it doesn't really say anything profound or earth-shattering," the band explained over email. "It's just very honest." Indeed, the brilliance of the song lies within its humble admission of wrongdoing and its gentle delivery. There's a genuine sense of regret but zero traces of wallowing. The video does a fine job illustrating the highs, lows, and in-betweens of a relationship. It finds strength in its sadness and builds from there. 

A R I Z O N A will release their debut EP later this year. "I Was Wrong" is currently available to stream and download.