our dos and don’ts for the bluth’s big-screen debut.

by ali hoffman

Aside from giving us an amazing excuse to indulge in all the shows we usually feel too guilty to watch, NYLON's TV-centric September issue also has us feeling super nostalgic for our favorite shows of the past.

So naturally, our brains simultaneously went to Arrested Development--more specifically, the Bluth family, the Banana Stand, and speculating what's fictionally new with Mae "Maeby" Fünke these days.  

Assuming you're as obsessed with the cult show as we are (who isn't?!), you've definitely been hearing the recent rumblings about an upcoming fourth season. Here's the deal: Netflix will premiere about 10 new episodes of the cult show this spring, which are supposedly designed to bridge the gap between the original show and the upcoming movie. This is definitely a new approach to the TV-to-feature film conundrum, a process which more often than not results in disgruntled fans wishing they had stayed home and just watched reruns.

In a panicked effort to make sure this doesn't happen with the Bluth's, here's our 5 of dos and don'ts for the soon-to-be Arrested Development movie:

1. DON'T recast the original characters unless absolutely necessary. If recasting is a must, be sure to find actors with comparable talent, rather than pop-culture icons without any experience in film (example:  Dukes of Hazard)

2. DO create a fresh plot line that's both entertaining and fitting with the present day (example: 21 Jump Street)

3. DONT turn an animated TV show into a live-action feature or vice versa (example: Scooby-Doo)

4. DO maintain a sense of the familiar, particularly with cult shows (example: The Simpsons)

5. DON'T make a sequel to a TV-based-movie, especially if the first flick wasn't all that great (example: Sex and the City 2)

Feel free to add to our list and let us know your plot predictions in Bluth's big screen debut!