look, m.i.a. designed a beer bottle!

by mickie meinhardt

Fresh off the news that Drew Barrymore and Shepard Fairey have collaborated on a wine (whoa...), Beck's Beer just made an announcement of their own. They've recruited musician M.I.A., along with five other artists, to redesign the Beck's label. Joining the London rapper are calligrapher and font maven Aerosyn-Lex from New York, LA performance artist Bert Rodriguez, Peruvian-born artist Freegums from Miami, Chocolate Skateboard designer Geoff McFetridge, and sculptor Willy Chyr from Chicago. M.I.A. created her bottle's artwork while shooting the Bad Girls video, and she joins a long line of artists - including Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, and Jeff Koons - who have worked with the Australian beer brand.