ASOS Features Models That Actually Look Like Human Women

Stretch marks and all

by Sarah Beauchamp

Since we were little girls, we've been bombarded with images of perfect-looking women whose bodies seem like they'd be anatomically impossible. Summer means watching Victoria's Secret models frolic on beaches with perfectly bouncy hair and completely unmarked skin. Fortunately, some companies are looking to change that, and ASOS is the latest clothing retailer to skip Photoshop and feature realistic-looking women in its ads.

Unlike most campaigns, ASOS didn't retouch the images of their swimsuit and lingerie models this year. All of the women's stretch marks, acne scars, and birthmarks are on full display. These women are still perfect-looking by industry standards, but these are baby steps in the right direction. And, the public is already taking notice and praising ASOS for the welcomed change.

"As someone who has always been ashamed of her stretch marks and felt I was the only one of my friends to have them, Asos are my MVP," one woman


"Asos not editing out girl's stretch marks on their swimwear photos is giving me so much life," another woman wrote, "look how beautiful they all are." 

ASOS, a company that's been criticized for labeling a size 6 as a large, is clearly turning over a new leaf. While it isn't the first company to use untouched images in their ads—Target and Aerie also feature raw photos in their campaigns—it's nice to see other retailers are catching on to the fact that women are beautiful even if they don't look like a fembot.