at the bop

cheap, cool, trendy jewelry - thanks Wisconsin!

by faran krentcil

Here's a fun fact for all you trendoids: Shopbop, the purveyor of starlet style, was actually born in Madison, Wisconsin.  And despite heaps of clothes that suggest they live in Hollywood, the site's taken their Midwest ingenuity and applied it to something we all love: baubles.

Their in-house collection, called Bop Bijoux, covers all the basics:  Hippie feather earrings a la Rachel Zoe, chunky geometric rings a la Martin Margiela, and the studded leather bracelets seen on every actress that's ever been on a Josh Schwartz show.

The line is impossibly Young Hollywood, but the prices are grounded in reality - most of this stuff goes for $30 - $40, showing down-to-earth American sensibility, indeed.

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