Aubrey Plaza Deconstructs the Beer Ad in New Beer Ad

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For last year's Super Bowl, Newcastle Brown Ale recruited super likeable, unnaturally talented, future NYLON cover girl Anna Kendrick to star in a very meta ad about the making of an ad. The approach worked: I don't drink water anymore, just Newcastle.

To replicate that success this year, Newcastle recruited super likeable, unnaturally talented, former NYLON cover girl Aubrey Plaza to lead her own meta commercial about the making of a Super bowl ad. If it ain't broke. Specifically, Plaza is plugging the beer's Band of Brands campaign, which wants to recruit a bunch of small brands to pitch in tiny budgets that will come together like Voltron and form one super budget for a Super Bowl commercial. That way, one brand isn't spending millions of dollars on a thirty-second spot--a bunch of them are. "Football is a team sport," Plaza reminds us. Yeah, and stupidly expensive ad is a stupidly expensive ad.