‘Audrie & Daisy’ Is The Most Important Documentary You’ll See This Year

Watch the first trailer

by daniel barna

Netflix's upcoming film Audrie & Daisy has the potential to be one of the most important documentaries released this year. It follows the mirror stories of Daisy Coleman and Audrie Pott, two teenage girls who were sexually assaulted by privileged young males. After their allegations, both Pott and Coleman were subjected to vicious online smear campaigns by the people in their respective towns. Coleman's family had to eventually leave home, while the bullying Potts faced drove her to suicide just weeks after the assault. 

Directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk weave together two separate tales that are alarmingly similar. It's an unfortunate reminder that cases in which young women are sexually assaulted and then victim-shamed is an epidemic in America.

The film premiered earlier this year at Sundance, where it was picked up by Netflix after rave reviews. Audrie & Daisy will be in theaters and available for streaming on September 23. Watch the trailer above.