authentic mlb jerseys by mitchell & ness

Support your team in style…

by Christian Lavery


As a former college baseball player and huge fan of the MLB (let’s go Yankees!), there’s nothing that quite compares to the start of a new season. And aside from you know, the games and all, my list goes on and on as to why it’s the best couple weeks of the year. For starters, it’s right around the time the weather begins to turn, it becomes acceptable to eat hot-dogs by the dozen, and, let’s be honest, ESPN telecasts instantly become better with the addition of web gems…but I digress.

Now, granted, my days on the diamond ended once I received my diploma, but that doesn’t mean the jersey doesn’t still flourish as a staple in my everyday wardrobe. (We're not granting you permission to dig up your little league joint, though.)

Philadelphia-based establishment

Mitchell & Ness

has a full selection of MLB jerseys. From authentic button-ups to mesh BP pullovers, every team has a full range of throwback looks and top caliber players. But the reason they look so spot on? It all comes down to the craftsmanship.

Teaming up with the folks at Exclusive Pro Sports--and even making trips to the Baseball Hall of Fame to get exact measurements—the products are all made in the USA and replicate every detail to a t. The process can be seen in a snippet from the documentary below, and be sure to purchase the jersey of your favorite team



Made In USA pt. 2 from Mitchell & Ness on Vimeo.