Here’s Your First Listen To Avicii + Sia’s Surprise New Song

your new summer anthem is here

by daniel barna

Avicii announced his upcoming retirement recently, sending his legions of fans into a deep depression. But, if the Swedish mega-DJ does intend to call it quits, he doesn't plan on doing it quietly.

During a show in Dubai this past weekend, Avicii played a previously unheard song featuring a female singer that many believe to be Sia. One listen to the audio clip above, and it becomes more than just speculation. The woman singing on the track is either Sia, or her long lost identical twin sister who we'll call Mia. 

Sia has criticized EDM in the past, but seemed to soften her stance after the success of "Titanium," her massive collaboration with David Guetta. Avicii meanwhile, has been known to pull in a superstar singer or two as well, and since his upcoming album will likely be his last, expect a murderer's row of pop stars to appear. Rumors have it that the album will be called Equal, but nothing has been confirmed, including a release date.

For now, this fan-recorded audio of the song, which some are calling "All I Need" until a proper title is bestowed upon it, and which allegedly features Alesso as well, will have to do. 

Listen above.