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Ryan Cabrera And Avril Lavigne Are Roommates Now, In The Year 2015

the ’00s are coming full circle

by nylon

Remember when Avril Lavigne dated Brody Jenner, who was on The Hills with Audrina Patridge, who dated Ryan Cabrera, who dated Ashlee Simpson? Of course you do. Now put that in a chart, add a few new arrows, and repeat after us: Avril Lavigne, who once dated Brody Jenner, who was on The Hills with Audrina Patridge, is now living with Ryan Cabrera, who once dated Audrina and Ashlee Simpson.

According to E!, the longtime friends moved in with each other recently after Cabrera broke up with his now-ex-girlfriend Katie Krause, who is an Entertainment Tonight digital host, but sadly not a reality-TV star. Thankfully though, last night, the two '00s alt icons went out to dinner at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant in West Hollywood, Pump, so that kind of makes up for it in a way.