Aziz Ansari Tears Into Award Shows While Accepting An Award

And it was pretty brilliant

As awards season approaches, Master of None's Aziz Ansari is here to remind you that, despite what it looks like from your couch, award shows are no fun for celebrities who have to attend because it’s their job. In fact, many of them would rather be in your position—at home on their couch—than having to dress up and smile for the cameras. Ironically, Ansari’s comments came during an acceptance speech in L.A., where he was the recipient of the BAFTA LA Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence In Comedy.

Ansari was pissed that he had to leave London and fly to Los Angeles to accept the award, and begged the organizers to let him do it over video instead. They did not. So instead, Ansari tore into them and award shows in general in one of the greatest acceptance speeches in recent years. "One thing I hate about honors is you can't accept them from home," Ansari said. "I was in London! I met this lovely woman there, we were drinking flat whites, eating shepherd's pie, riding the 'tube.' Who comes in and ruins my amazing British experience? The fucking BAFTAs!"

But that was only the beginning. Ansari turned his own personal plight into a brutal takedown of all award shows, taking the audience through an all-too-familiar sequence of rituals that makes going to the prestigious events sound like going weddings except you’ve got a chauffeur. "You wear the tux, some person comes to your house and puts some gunk in your hair and on your face, you get in an SUV, you come here, you eat this fucking awful award show food," he said. And, based on the reaction from the audience, he’s not wrong. Watch it, above.