three cheers for this vegan lip balm.

by liza darwin

When it comes to lip balm, most people fall into one of two categories: those who believe the organic, all-natural versions are worth their $15-plus price tag, and those who still swear by their Bonne Bell obsession from middle school.

But Hurraw! is a Montana-based company who make it their mission to merge these two extremes. Their line of handmade lip balms has everything we love about the expensive brands- including certified fair trade, raw, and totally organic ingredients-along with the cheap price and awesome scents of our drugstore favorites.

The 16 different flavors range from green tea to grapefruit and smear on super smooth, thanks to a formula of jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and candelilla wax. To top it all off, the balms have an oval shape specially made to fit in the back of your jean pocket without ever slipping out, along with a guarantee that they won't melt all over your clothes.

And at only $3.79 each. it's never been easier-or cheaper-to get the best of both worlds.

Buy them here.