Illustrations by Georgia Loughlin

back-to-school horoscopes to guide your year ahead

Studying the stars…

by christie craft

Saying goodbye to summer sucks, but there’s so much to look forward to when it comes to going back to school. (Hello, fancy pens and all-new errythang!) Beyond fresh backpacks and a rainbow spectrum of highlighters are boundless opportunities, from personal growth and smashing goals to social intrigue and new faces. Ahead, a look at how the stars will steer you through a whole, new school year.

Aries: Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Crown    

The academic year is off to a busy start, and this could be one of your most important school years yet. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and hard-learned lessons, will return to your knowledge sector mid-September after giving you the summer off. Fall will seem a little like déjà vu since Saturn spent January through June 2015 in this spot (roughly, the entire spring semester). If this is your senior year or if you’re pursuing an advanced degree, brace yourself—you’ll be very busy until the winter holiday break.  

Slammed schedules aside, this fall you can count on seeing progress from your hard work. Along with these rewards will come greater responsibility, particularly with Jupiter making moves in your service sector. If you participate in academic clubs, volunteer, or even tutor on the side, expect to be in very high demand—and enjoy more leadership.

The secret to avoiding burnout will be attention to detail and thoroughness. Investing time in extra-credit projects or study groups will garner a stellar rep with everyone. In true Aries fashion, extracurricular activities—especially athletics—will be your best choice for blowing off steam. 

Taurus: Down The Rabbit Hole

Improving your scholastic standing (or just slaying your lofty list of goals) will be front-and-center this fall. Pluto, the dark planet of transformation and metamorphosis, is hanging out in your higher-learning sector, indicating that major life changes can arise from study and education.

Travel will have an important role in your learning, so be sure to take advantage of any opportunities for class trips and study abroad programs. A sense of wonderment and discovery will have a greater ripple effect in your life than just on your report card. Bulls will benefit from writing and are bound to excel in assignments like term papers, essays, and creative fiction. Contributing to the school newspaper, yearbook, class journal, or joining a literary club could prove to be fruitful, both as a creative outlet and as a means to meet new faces.

Your creativity will be heightened now, as well, thanks to Uranus touring your subconscious sector. Vivid, trippy dreams may flood your sleep—keep a personal diary handy for processing emotional flares and recording your dreams. 

Gemini: (Overly) Stimulated

Airy, intellectual Gemini can’t wait to race to the top of the class. Your creative streak will continue to score you high marks—and a sparkling reputation—as it has been since the beginning of 2015, thanks to Neptune. Twins in the visual arts will excel this fall, especially those pursuing degrees in film, fashion, and photography. Your compassionate nature is also stimulated, and you may choose to volunteer or become involved in humanitarian work.

Decorate and organize your dorm and study areas to be as plush as your heart’s desire. Jupiter crossed with your domestic sector is prominent in your chart this fall, so you may be surprised with an upgrade to a bigger dorm, a new roommate, or just extra money to invest in some stylish, new décor. Changing up your space will provide the cerebral stimulii you need and crave to stay centered.

Hard work will be therapeutic, but beware of your friends or S.O. making you feel guilty for being so focused. Social life on campus will need to pause until December. Stock up on vitamin C and Echinacea, and make sure to take many breaks to breathe and stretch during stressful times, or your health could take a nosedive. 

Cancer: No Telling

Tension between your personal life and your responsibilities has been problematic for you this year, and will continue to tug at your schedule (and heart) in opposite directions. You may have had to walk away from draining situations and people already this year, and that trend will likely continue into this semester. While challenging for you softies, turning away from negativity will be essential for your focus; you’re going through a major metamorphosis and your core values are changing (for the better!).

Uranus will shake things up as the academic year kicks off, especially near the lunar eclipse on September 27, bringing soaring highs and plunging lows. Since Uranus is the planet of surprise, there’s no telling what could transpire. Random opportunities and sudden change—good or bad—are on the horizon. Be prepared for drama—and to switch gears quickly this fall.

Many Moon Babes received a nice chunk of cash from a scholarship, grant, loan, or other financial source recently. Money anxiety shouldn’t be an issue for you for the rest of the year—just be sure to temper your spending by socking away a little green for a rainy day.

Leo: Midas Touch

Leo’s warm, fun vibe has been a big asset for racking up important connections this year, and those phone numbers and influential social connects will come in handy as school ramps up.

You are in a bright position to achieve your highest pinnacle of success now, so whether you’re auditioning for a lead role, interviewing for a coveted T.A. position, or putting your athletic chops to the test, the odds are in your favor. With so much golden energy backing you, Leo, you have the Midas touch.

On the darker side, transformative Pluto may urge you to transfer schools or leave behind of a toxic situation that’s been festering. Though draining, the change of scenery will do wonders for your health and stress levels.

It’s possible that you may land a prestigious job on campus, both lining your pockets and pumping up your star power. But don’t let a false sense of security lure you into recklessness—cushion your nest egg while you can to avoid being broke during financially dry times later this school year. 

Virgo: Social Climbing

Usually reserved Virgo will be bursting at the seams with social energy at the beginning of the academic year, and you’re making like Nicki and feeling yourself. You may find yourself in the limelight after spending many weeks as a hermit. A sparkling personality—and who you know—will be jewels in your crown, so network, network, network

This is a prime opportunity to make a big name for yourself in whatever discipline you desire. Your success now will set the pace for a bright future, but it’s up to you to seize each and every opportunity. Stay on top of involving yourself in any extracurricular activities or assignments that will allow you to mix and mingle while showcasing your talent and sharp intellect.

Love has been a thrilling distraction this year (for once!), and romance will hit its peak during the fall semester, whether you’re single or attached. A dreamy, fairytale-like nature could intensify your relationship with someone special, threatening to eclipse other areas of your life. Stay focused on your studies, Virgo—if bae is bae, they’ll understand. 

Libra: Roll Solo

Ambitious, hard-working Saturn has been igniting your need for intellectual pursuits since the beginning of 2015, and it will continue to spark your thirst for knowledge. You may declare your major or begin a course of study that directly relates to your career prospects now. Choose wisely—the energy you put into this decision will secure an enviable (and very lucrative) professional future. Cha-ching!

Though the true social butterflies of the zodiac, airy, graceful Libra will go back to school with a deep need for solitude. Honoring your rare cravings for alone time will be essential for recharging your spent batteries now, especially after tornadoes tore through your social circle this year. Reading and studying will bring you serenity and peace, along with sharpening your competitive edge in the classroom. Stress-sensitive Libras should try meditation and spending time in nature to regain balance. 

Still, your newfound (and very temporary) low profile can’t stop your charisma from earning you at least one influential friend to keep in your back pocket. One last word of advice: Stay single this semester, Libra—it’s not the end of the world. 

Scorpio: Celebrity Status

Your personality and whip-smart intellect have stolen the show this year, and you’ll continue to be rewarded for your virtues and talents. Thanks to lucky Jupiter gracing your career sector and stern Saturn easing up on you, 2015 is a banner year.

Although super-focused Scorpio loathes change, you may begin the school year yearning for something different. Once you’re done, you’re done, Scorp, and in this case, that may mean transferring to a new school, switching majors, or even skipping volleyball tryouts for drama club.

Your star power is so potent now, you could find that your name is on everyone’s lips in your social circle. This streak of celebrity will come with an added level of leadership, and you could be thrust into mediating problems between friends. With severe Pluto touring your communication sector, your words will be fair but firm and carry great strength and gravity. Encourage your friends to pursue their most lofty goals...and don’t be a Debbie Downer.

Sagittarius: All Over The Place

Stern Saturn has been weighing your sign down in 2015 and will continue to assign you greater obligations as fall begins. Don’t be bummed, though, Sag—these growing responsibilities will ultimately lead you to a major life achievement. Put your nose to the grindstone—and don’t squander opportunity.

Although this semester should be more about work and less about play, you could find yourself distracted by a new love interest. Since Uranus—the planet of surprise—is perching in your romance sector, the one who catches your eye may be wildly different from your go-to “type,” and will be especially rebellious. Lean in. Family matters may also require your attention this semester, and you could easily stretch yourself too thin. As long as you prioritize work appropriately, you should be able to navigate the semester with few bumps.

Capricorn: Tremendous Transformations

Dark, complementary Pluto has sparked a full-on makeover for you this year, and your self-image will continue to transform into who you truly want to be. You’ve gone through many cycles of shedding dead weight or false skin this year. It’s become easier and easier to drop what no longer serves you.

Intellectual expansion through travel is prominent and on the horizon, so don’t pass up opportunities to go overseas on a class trip or study abroad. Wherever you travel will teach you more about yourself than you thought possible.

Family life may put you on edge this fall, and your solitary time will be more important than ever. Carving out personal time for retreating into your shell will be exactly what you need to regain balance. Watch out for September 27, when a lunar eclipse may shake things up in your home or dorm, causing you to have to relocate suddenly.

Aquarius: #NoNewFriends

For the entire year, electric, spontaneous Uranus—your ruling planet—has been illuminating your learning sector, lending a strong sense of empowerment to your academic pursuits. It’s very likely that an offbeat discipline or course of study has piqued your interests (hello, underwater basket-weaving!), attracting some negative attention from your friends and family. Don’t listen to the haters, Aquarius—just follow your heart for now.

It’s unlike you to be particularly choosy when it comes to making friends, but this year you’d be better off carefully hand-selecting who you associate with socially. When ruthless Saturn tours your social sector from September through the end of the year, two-faced, gossipy types are bound to come out of the woodwork. Keep your eyes peeled for underhanded and manipulative people—and stay far, far away.

On the other hand, your true friends will be a positive beacon of light and a wonderful source of support. Keep close to those who are accomplished, focused, loyal, and ambitious. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with these friendships.

Pisces: Unstoppable Creativity

Dreamy Neptune, your ruling planet, has been projecting an image of you as a sensitive, spacey artist-type, garnering you much attention and a little celebrity this year. That’ll continue, and you may even see your name in lights this year after making a big name for yourself in the arts or another creative area of interest. Your creativity now is almost limitless, and others will take notice.

In fact, your creative streak could earn you some extra cash on the side, as well. You could be hired to DJ an event, design posters and flyers, or teach an art class. Tune out the haters (and there will be haters with this much success), because the positive people you meet now through your creative work on the side could greatly bolster your future career.

Travel has the potential to be a great teacher for you beginning this September. Say yes and accept that opportunity to study abroad or to travel with your class. Wherever you go, it definitely won’t be all work and no play!