10 Backpacks That Won’t Make You Feel Like You’re A Student

    No more balancing of phones, bags, and coffee

    by · March 24, 2016

    Sometimes there are days when you have to carry a lot, and a small bag just won’t cut it. Add on top of the usual must-carry suspects a few extras, and a cup of coffee, smartphone, and an umbrella (during those forsaken spring shower mornings), and your morning balancing act just got a whole lot trickier. It’s those times when a backpack comes in handy. Worried about looking younger when carrying a book bag? Gone are the days when the only backpacks around screamed high school or college. Since the resurgence of the trend, many designers have jumped on the bandwagon of the back-to-school style and introduced us to new, grown-up versions of the academic accessory. Now, there are endless options that will keep your outfit game on point without making it look like you strayed too far from campus.

    Shopping for a backpack can be tricky depending on the fabric you want. If you go for a canvas style, pick a different shape and closure so it doesn’t feel like the JanSport one you drew all over in homeroom. If you want more structure, we suggest looking into a leather backpack—go for a brighter color for a standout pop or something classic that will stand the test of time. Once you fully embrace the look, we guarantee that you’ll end up grabbing your backpack over your crossbody nine times out of ten. Below are 10 of our favorite picks.

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