freebie friday: bag check

win everything you need to be a pink lady.

by nylon

Though this week we’ve debated which is better, Grease or Grease 2, one thing’s for sure: There’s nothing cooler than being a pink lady.

Which explains why, for our October It Girl issue Bag Check (last page of your issue, FYI), we went with a pink and black theme. And, whoa, does it look good. It would probably look really, really good on your vanity—and guess what, you just might get to find out.

That’s right, we’re giving away some of our favorite beauty products featured on our October Bag Check page. Whether you’re eyeing the polka dot comb, Too Faced pink brush, or thinking of dyeing your hair that Manic Panic shade of fuchsia, you’ll get them all (plus lots more goodies). All you need to do is win? Nope, landing Danny Zuko isn’t a requirement; instead, you just need to fill out the info below.