eastpak turns their locker room classic into a gallery show.

by faran krentcil

You may remember your Eastpack as a beat up symbol of freshman year - we definitely do - but a new art initiative from the company is taking a different approach. They've recruited 138 artists from around the world to redesign their classic backpack, and all of them are up for sale. Log onto Eastpak's Facebook page and RSVP for their auction, which will send all proceeds to Designers Against AIDS. The only catch: Since this is an international initiative, the bidding starts at 9am in London - which means New Yorkers need to be up at 3am to have a fair shot. (Los Angeles, you're got a slightly more merciful midnight call time.) If you want the bags, mark your calendars for their launch date on this Monday, March 19. We've included some of our favorites in the gallery below - some of them are amazing DIY ideas, too...

See all the bags and sign up for the auction here.

Bag by K. Cheung

Bag by Belmodo.TV