Photo courtesy of Interscope Records


This Music Video Is What California Dreams Are Made Of

Bahari will have you “Dancing On the Sun”

Down on the West Coast, fantasies come alive. Visions of sun-drenched afternoons, pink-hued evenings, and permanent beach hair abound in the California dream. That carefree life is attainable, if, you know, you can make it out there. For those that can't, meet Bahari. The SoCal trio is the epitome of California cool, and their new video is a testament to that. 

"Dancing On the Sun" is, as a song, dripping in a sun-kissed youthful adventure. It's the kind of track you'd imagine soundtracking yet another covetable Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen vacation getaway movie. (Long live those days.) The video, too, is aspirational. Bahari is living that West Coast life Instagram has bragged about and you've, whether you'd admit it or not, had FOMO for. It's a good thing music has the ability to transport the listener to new, dreamlike spaces. "Dancing On the Sun" is a world worth getting lost in.