Band Crush: Angus & Julia

the coolest aussie brother/sister band ever.

If there was ever a model for the most idyllic brother-sister relationship, it would look a lot like Angus and Julia Stone. At the onset of their careers, the singing-songwriting duo would support one another by singing backup for each other's shows before deciding to perform under one moniker. "Most of our early shows were in London," says Julia. "We would catch the red bus with our gear and play open mic nights around the place." You could safely call it a true paradigm of a most organic (and successful) music partnership ever: One that has continued over ten years, throughout multiple solo excursions and international tours, and has defined the folk pop-fusion genre. 

"I think the more honesty we have in the group, the more we can explore musically and creatively," says Julia. "I guess that goes for everything.... except politics. You think you’re being totally real about something and then another veil is pulled away. I like that about being in a band. We keep learning new things about each other."

Last August, the group recently released their third studio album, the self-titled Angus & Julia Stone. With it, they debuted a fresh new sound, due in part to super-producer Rick Rubin, and perspective—lyrics like "I met your parents / They were lying about falling in love" setting them far from their previous records—making them more relatable and band crush-worthy than ever. But, after months of promotional appearances and a transcontinental tour, the Aussies aren't rushing to create another super-successful album. "We have March off to write and hang out so I guess we’ll just hang out on Angus’s farm," says Julia. "He’s got a good little set up... we’ll play some music and see what happens." It goes alongside the band's laid-back sound and mindset—one that is free of all music industry ugliness, like gluttony and greed. But what's perhaps most refreshing about Angus & Julia is their individuality. When asked whose career they'd like to emulate, Julia comes back with the ultimate A&J response: "Not sure about that. I guess i’m just happy to take it as it comes."  

Watch footage of the band on tour in Brussels and Amsterdam below, and be sure to catch the band at Coachella and Governor's Ball.