overcome your acrophobia with this la duo.

by liza darwin

When Mary Pearson and Rob Barber first started making music together back in 2006, they decided to name their band "High Places" because that's what inspired them: mountains, rooftops, cliffs...well, you get the idea.

Sure, this influence might sound vague, but 5 years and 3 albums later, we can't think of a better description for this Los Angeles duo's all-encompassing moody and atmospheric sound. Using enough instruments for a group three times their size (over time, they've incorporated everything from mixing bowls to drum pads to banjo in their songs) intertwined with Pearson's silky vocals, this boy-girl pair somehow mesh these various pieces together for a sonic result that's definitely unique, but unexpectedly familiar, all at the same time.

With a pulsing beat and a lilting, echoing chorus, their 2010 single "On Giving Up" wouldn't be out of place performed, yes, on a rooftop or other high place. And there's more where that came from on their new album, Original Colours, which drops in October. Until then, listen to more High Places and prepare to reach for the sky.

Hear their latest single here!