band crush: metronomy

3,2,1…it’s an electo-pop explosion!

by nylon

When a band describes their sound as "Daft Punk meets The Eagles," you figure the outcome could be either really horrible... or totally awesome. After all, these are two pretty big extremes.

Lucky for us, the Devon, England-based foursome Metronomy falls into the latter category. The group has already won a loyal following overseas with their distinct "electronic pop goes instrumental" sound, and with three studio albums now under their belt, we think it's time they get the recognition they deserve stateside.

Their latest effort, The English Riviera (out now), is an unexpected mash-up of frontman Joe Mount's strangely relaxing vocals, catchy synth hooks, and funky staccato beats, all complemented by a wonderfully melodic undertone. Sound like a weird combination? Sure, it might be. But listen to standout songs like "The Look" and their newest single "The Bay" and you'll see that in the case of Metronomy, opposites really do attract.

Watch the video for "The Look" below and find out more about Metronomy here.