band crush: py

a british musician who’s about to blossom.

by rebecca willa davis

"Recently I have started to think about my songs like a garden and I am a gardener," muses Jade Pybus--better known by her nickname-turned-stage name Py. She adds, "I like to plant different snippets of vocals, little stabs, then different melodies that then weave in and out of each other so each vocal has its own moment in the the limelight. Then there are sections when they sprout up at once like an army of flowers, all blossoming together for a thick texture."

For the London-based musician, it's a metaphor that plays out quite literally in her beautifully soulful new single "Polyethers," which comes out June 30. The song features Py's richly textured voice referencing summertime and fresh-cut flowers as the accompanying beats blossom on loop. And if that's not enough for you, the Portishead-meets-CocoRosie track is accompanied by a music video (shot by Tia Dunn) of Py covered in a technicolor wash of florets.

And just like the organic materials, it's this sense of patterns--birth, growth, death--that she taps into. "The song is about being in a cycle, trapped in cycles of someone. Whether that's making love, fighting, growing together; I saw a mirror of this in the cycle of plants. So the video is really centered around those two things mashed together," she explains.

You can see what she means below--we've got the exclusive premiere. And then stay tuned for what Pybus dubs "a very exciting collab, which you will hear soon--wheeee!" That's followed by a second single in August and a handful of shows this summer. It seems that if anyone is about to blossom this summer, it's Py.

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