pet shop girl goes rising pop star.

by liza darwin

"Sunday Girl" might have been Blondie's #1 single back in 1979, but the other Sunday Girl- a.k.a. Jade Williams- doesn't have too much in common with her big-haired rock counterpart. Instead, this British singer earned her name from her pet shop days, where she'd work weekends caring for puppies, kittens and rabbits in her small town.

But now that she's ditched her part-time job for a major singing career and shared the stage with musicians like Ellie Goulding, Jade Williams is making a name for herself in a whole new way. Her latest single, "Stop Hey" is catchy fun, but listen to her cover Everything Everything, MGMT, and yes, even belt out an acoustic version of Ke$ha, and you'll see that this girl has can seriously sing. Plus, the fact that she's got an adorable Edie Sedgwick-meets Alexa Chung style doesn't hurt, either. We talked to Jade about fashion blogs, her songwriting process, and how she overcame her stage fright by going to a hypnotist.

I heard that you used to be scared of performing in front of other people...that's pretty crazy, considering it's now your career!

When I was first starting out, I used to perform in my room with my door closed. My mom could hear me behind the door, and finally she took me to a hypnotist to see if I could overcome it my stage fright. It sounds ridiculous, but then I performed in public with a choir that same day and it worked! It felt like this whole weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

What were you doing before you started singing professionally?

I was doing a set design degree- I loved making a space i could see myself in, that's really big, that I can touch. It's great though because I can work with the director on the videos, and also for the live shows.

How do you come up with inspiration for the songs? I write a lot on the tube of the bus, really inconvenient places.I always feel like I need to do it while traveling.

What do you normally wear on stage?

I'm m quite particular about what I wear. I like to wear a lot of black, tights, basics. Because my music is so colorful, I like to dress plain and tailored.

You have your own blog. What other websites do you like?

I use stumbleupon.com, so I might put "animals" or "clothes" or "science," and it sort of finds lots of random websites. For fashion, I like a site called The Clothes Whisperer.

Sunday Girl's debut album comes out this Spring, but listen to more of her music here.