welcome the newest member of the family, nylon thailand!

by nylon

The NYLON family is a big one. We've got our brother, NYLON Guys. There's NYLON TV, the NYLON Shop, the NYLON Dailies, not to mention our annual NYLON Music Tour. And that's just within the country; we've already got editions in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, and Singapore. But we're getting even larger: This week marks the launch of NYLON Thailand! That's right, you can go halfway around the world and still get your fill of NYLONia on the newsstand. The first issue features local It Girl (and actress-model) Cris Horwang, and obviously we had to celebrate with a major party at Siam Center. (How major? Our own Editor-in-Chief Marvin Scott Jarrett flew in to give the issue his blessing.) And if you don't live in Southeast Asia? You can still follow along through NYLON Thailand's Facebook page, Pinterest board, and Instagram stream OK all together now: สวัสดี (that's Thai for 'hello').