Watch The Very Moody Video For Banks’ “Gemini Feed”

Her new album drops on September 30

Before the music industry got disrupted by the internet, an artist would follow a very specific release schedule when promoting a new album. Their first video would drop before the album hits stores, and then a month or two later, they'd drop the video for a second single, and so on. But that was then and this is now. Banks is set to release her sophomore album, The Altar, and that is very good news for people who like Banks (us). In the run-up to the record's September 30 release date, she's already released the twisted video for her lead single "Fuck With Myself," and now, Banks has released a second visual, this time for her track "Gemini Feed." 

It doesn't traffic in the same horror imagery as "Fuck With Myself," but it does double down on the dark and brooding tone Banks is establishing for this record. "You could drown by drinking too much water," Banks says of the clip. "This video is about my thirst for balance." Working again with Philippa Price (who also directed "Fuck With Myself"), the moody clip shows Banks on a futuristic throne, bound in ropes, and wearing one very disturbing mask. Of her new record, Banks told BBC Radio's Annie Mac: "I just had so much to write about, this album for me is really kind of like a metamorphoses of me coming into my own." Watch the video above.