Owen Wilson + Ed Helms Play Fraternal Twin Bros In The New ‘Bastards’ Trailer

Emphasis on the word “bro”

by daniel barna

Everybody wants to know where they came from. And, if that means setting out on an adventure with your fraternal twin brother to find out who your real dad is, well then so be it. That's the hook of Bastards, the upcoming comedy starring Ed Helms and Owen Wilson as the siblings in question. After learning from their mother (played Glenn Close, yes, that Glenn Close,) that their biological father is still alive, they embark on a journey to find him.

“I spent my whole life trying to honor his memory,” Helms' character says of his decision to become a proctologist after being told that his father had died of colon cancer. “This means I stare at a**es for a living, because of a fictional man’s colon cancer.” Of course, Wilson's character has a simple solution. “Could you pivot into plastic surgery or something less butt related?” Har dee har har. 

Terry Bradshaw, J.K. Simmons, Ving Rhames, and Katie Aselton also star. Bastards hits theaters on January 27. In the meantime, watch the trailer above.