Cute Bathing Suits that Give Horrible Tan lines


You know those times when you're shopping and not really fully thinking about the consequences of your actions? Whether it be during a spree of late-night online shopping or not trying on something before buying—it happens to the best of us. One of those items you might be guilty of purchasing right now are outragoues bathing suits with a millon straps and cut outs. You know the ones we're talking about. Now don't get us wrong—they look amazing on, they are flattering and come in great colors, shapes, and styles for everyone. Yet what you aren't thinking about are the tan lines (imagine a caged-neckline tan), which might be horrible. So when shopping late at night, opting to not try something on beforehand, or just plain not thinking straight, you might be headed for some rough tan lines in your future. Good luck!

Forever 21, Off-the-Shoulder Swim Top, $15.90, available at Forever 21.

Forever 21, Low Rise Lace-Up Bikini Bottoms, $12.90, available at Forever 21.

ASOS, Cross Wrap Multi Strap Halter Bikini Top, $29, available at ASOS.

ASOS, Multi Strap Hipster Bikini Bottom, $22, available at ASOS.

Agent Provovateur, Mazzy Popstar cutout swimsuit, $450, available at Net-A-Porter.

O'Neill, Beach Street High Neck Halter Top, $54, available at O'Neill.

O'Neill, Beach Street Hipster Bottoms, $38, available at O'Neill.

Chromat, Bouloux Bikini Top, $149, available at Chromat.

Chromat, Bouloux Bikini Bottom, $115, available at Chromat.

Solid and Striped, The Poppy Maillot, $188, available at Solid and Striped.

Samantha Pleet, Tabernacle Bathing Suit, $149, available at Free People.

Missguided, Durrah White Lattice Strap Bikini, $36, available at Missguided.