beachy keen

meet me in montauk!

by faran krentcil

The summer music circuit is already rich with options: There's Lollapalooza (Or shall we say, "Gagapalooza?"), Lilith Fair (hello Jannel Monae!), Glastonbury (The Strokes), Reading Festival (The Libertines), and The Warped Tour (starring Taylor Momsen as herself).

But if you're more interested in staying by the pool than pitching a tent, there's a new option: Montauk.

This year, the Surf Lodge - a venerable beach hangout - announces their new concert series, which features one cool-but-calm band a week.  Included in the shack-up and rock-out series:  Rogue Wave, Local Natives, and a two week takeover from Mishka.

Get the whole schedule on The Surf Lodge website, and put away the tent - in Montauk, you'll need a wetsuit, a surfboard, and an after-hours designer bikini instead.

PS:  Have we mentioned how much we love Local Natives?