Watch The Enchanting First Trailer For Disney’s IRL ‘Beauty and the Beast’

The whole gang is here

Disney’s IRL wave continues this March with Beauty and the Beast, the latest reimagining of one of their animated classics. After months of teasing, the first trailer hit the web today, and like Cinderella before it, the Bill Condon-directed movie looks like a remarkably faithful adaptation of the 1991 movie that made talking house appliances seem whimsical instead of what it actually is (unnatural and terrifying).

You all know the story. Belle sets out to an enchanted castle to save her father Maurice, who’s been imprisoned by the titular beast. She frees her father by trading places with him, and soon discovers that not only does the candlestick sound like Ewan McGregor putting on a syrupy French accent, but that the beast is actually a pretty swell guy who every once in a while will drop a truth bomb like, “Think of the one thing you’ve always wanted, find it in your mind’s eye, then feel it in your heart.”

Emma Watson makes for a radiant Belle and Dan Stevens, even under all those motion-capture prosthetics, still manages to bring the handsome. Luke Evans looks like an appropriately charismatic Gaston and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci, and McGregor all do their part in lending a sense of prestige to the proceedings. Beauty and the Beast will hit theaters on March 17, and Disney has live-action versions of Aladdin and Mulan in the works next.

Watch the trailer above.