beauty and the beat

pump up the jams and get pretty with stila.

by liza darwin

As anyone who's ever prepped for a school dance, college party, or even normal day at work knows, music and makeup go hand in hand.

Stila gets this, which is why the beauty company has combined the two with their new Makeup Player. It's a cosmetics case that comes with built-in speakers and a hookup cord for your iPod or mp3 player so you can listen to your favorite songs while you're getting ready.

The $60 combo also comes stocked with Stila lipgloss and eyeshadow from their E! Live at the Red Carpet Collection- just in case you needed another reason to justify clearing space for the kit on your dresser.

So whether it's for a big Friday night or an early morning class, getting pretty just automatically became more fun.

Buy it at Stila.