the godess of glowy skin.

by ray siegel

What always seems to stand out most whenever Girls' Allison Williams walks the red carpet is her glowy skin. It's probably what landed her an ambassadorship for Simple Skin Care. But Williams has admitted that her profession isn't exactly a recipe for clear skin; she's constantly wearing a full face of camera makeup. We can sort of relate--we're testing out new makeup all day long (when your office has more makeup than a MAC counter, it's hard not to) and are constantly cast as real-girl models for impromptu photoshoots. Here's how we fake looking refreshed and full rested, even when we're really in the midst of a breakout and were out all night:

HIGHLIGHT IT:MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter, $24

Take your highlighter pen and draw a triangle underneath your eye starting at the inner corner. Fill in the triangle with highlighter and use a flat blush to blend it in. It's called "the triangle of light" and you'll immediately see why--no dark circles.

BLEND IT:Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream, $39

If you want less coverage, use a mixture of half BB Cream and half moisturizer. Use a flat brush to apply it, starting at the center of your face and moving outwards.

CONTOUR IT:Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntanned Matte, $39

Use a light powder on the center of your face (your nose, around your nose, and on your chin) to mattify your skin. Then use a non-shimmery matte bronzer around the edges of your face and on your cheek bones to create contour. You should be feeling and looking better already.

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