she beat the heat.

by ray siegel

All of us girls make our way to the 100 degree desert with two things in mind other than music: Keeping our hair from turning into a giant frizzball and keeping our makeup from dripping down our faces. Kruger's hair and makeup get a check mark in both categories. And by the way, cute concert tee, DK.

You know the drill:

BEND IT: Chanel UV Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50, $55

Skip the primer and go for a mattifying sunblock--this one minimizes shine to a shocking extent.

BEND IT: Smart Heat by Mega Hot, $54

Kruger does have really good skin--but she has even better matte foundation. Smooth it on after your sunblock dries.

PAINT IT: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Colour in L'Ecatante, $34

SPRAY IT: Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray, $39

Lastly, Oribe's anti-humidity finishing spray stops your hair from freaking out and helps your blowout last through the weekend.

Coachella might be over, but you can take these tips with you to the next festival--'tis the season.