everything is coming up rosy.

by ray siegel

Our favorite redhead made an appearance at Rizzoli's book launch for Roger Vivier. Supermodel-turned-musician Karen Elson did perform at the event, but her stage makeup was more ladylike and toned-down than usual. Plus, her look confirmed another spring beauty trend featured in our April issue, "everything is coming up rosy."

Get Elson's pretty in pink makeup in three steps:

LINE IT: Lancome 'Liner Design' Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Trendy Grey, $24.50 For a softer look like Elson's go for grey eyeliner instead of black. Lancome's eye liner pot can be worn smudgy by using a dry liner brush instead of a wet one.

BLUSH IT: Dior Glowing Color Poder Blush in Vintage Rose, $42.00 Don't hold back on the pink blush--the rosier the better--especially if you're lucky enough to have Elson's coloring!

PINK IT: Maybelliner Lipstick in Pink Satin, $5.54 Finish the look with a subtle pink lipstick to enhance your cheek color.