the sleek pony tail versus bouncy waves: guess which we’d rather?

by ray siegel

You've probably caught on by now—when it comes to hair—bouncy curls aren't our thing. We much prefer bed-head to any overly styled, contrived look, but if we have to clean up our act, we'll go with sleek. Kate Mara's last red carpet look at the Deadfall premiere proves our point.

Sylist Alex Polillo was the expert behind Mara's pretty ponytail. Here are his steps:

SPRAY IT: Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray, $19.95

"Spray the lengths of towel-dried hair and roughly dry the hair to prep for the textured part of the ponytail."

COMB IT: Sebastian Professional Shaper Spray, $19.99

"Use a fine tooth comb to create a deep side part and spritz with the shaper spray."

IRON IT: Sebastian Professional Trilliant, $19.95

"Spray the Trilliant onto the ponytail and lightly wave a few small pieces using a flat iron. After the ponytail is cooled, spritz with more shaper spray."

SHINE IT: Sebastian Shine Crafter Wax, $16.99

"Spritz the front of the hair with Sebastian Professional Halo Mist to tame small flyaways and apply a pea sized amount of Sebastian Professional Shine Crafter Wax to the ponytail for enhanced texture."

And that's how you go from hot mess to camera ready.