dissecting her very large bun.

by ray siegel

On the last day of Cannes, Nicole Kidman went out with a bang--and a bun. And not just any bun: on Kidman's head is the culmination of what appears to be hundreds of tiny French braids working for--and sometimes against--one other to create Cannes' actual largest (and most elongated?) updo. Despite Kidman's mass of signature curls, we're still not convinced that even she has enough hair to constitute a bun of this sheer magnitude.

SPRAY IT:Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray, $28 Before you get started, spray your roots with thickening spray.

PIN IT:Marianna Hair Pins, $8.99 We zoomed way in to spot at least two u-shaped pins holding this thing together, but we assume her stylist used the entire box.

BUN IT:Sephora Bunette, $7 Gather all of your hair together in an unfastened ponytail, pull your hair through the slit of the brunette then you pull the whole thing down to your ends and then you wrap it all the way up to the top--then ---once you're hair wrapped all the way around the bunnette, you bend and snap (not a Legally Blonde reference) the bunette shut. The result is a bigger bun that looks like you have way more hair than you actually do.