Beer Snobs, Meet Your New Favorite Airline

by nylon

Finally, a carrier with its priorities straight.more

In an effort to promote regional food and beverages (and perhaps get you tipsy enough to forget about the lack of legroom), Delta Air Lines has begun stocking local craft beer on select national flights. Depending on where you're traveling, you can sip on choice brews from California (Ballast Point Brewing Company, Stone Brewing Company, Lagunitas Brewing Company), New York (Blue Point Brewing Company, Brooklyn Brewery), Massachusetts (Newburyport Brewing Company, Samuel Adams), and Georgia (SweetWater Brewery).

Since craft beer tends to be more potent than the swill usually found on airline drink carts, Delta's expanded menu will come as good news to anyone who fears flying, loves drinking, or both. The beers probably aren't cheap, but if they save you the trouble of packing a cocktail kit and mixing up your own medicine, they might be worth the extra couple of bucks.

Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images