beeracuda by burton

put a six pack on your back…

by Christian Lavery

When we first saw this Beeracuda from Burton, we weren’t quite sure if we’d be using it to transport blueprints across town or to carry beers while on the slopes. But I guess that’s the genius of it, right? And after further research, I’m definitely thrilled to find out that its main purpose is the latter of the two. This over-the-shoulder beer holder (nice rhyme) allows you the luxury of being able to store some beverages in the insulated sleeve and even keep one handy by putting the koozie on the strap to use. So to continue on as...Mr. Deeds would, I'll leave you with this: the Beeracuda is great, you should pick yours up HERE, and me and you are hanging at the top of the mountain…I’ll bring the beers.