behind the scenes: dianna agron in nylon guys

Whatta a knockout!!

by Josh Madden

Behind the scenes: Dianna Agron in NYLON Guys

There are many perks to working at NYLON Guys Magazine; we get to see new gear and technology early, we get to hear and premiere new tracks and remixes, we eat all kinds of food and review it, and we get to interview cuties like Dainna Agron. For this month's issue we sat down with the 


-gone-big-screen star to talk about her new film 

The Family

. The Luc Besson directed comedy features a star-studded cast with names like De Niro, Pfeiffer, Lee Jones and Agron, of course. It's the story of an organized crime family who relocates to France under the witness protection program. While people may think "cheerleader" when they look at her, all of that will change when they see her as Belle Blake, the mobster's daughter. Check out the full story and more pictures on page 134 of this month's issue.

On playing Belle Blake from her new movie The Family:

"Luc (Besson, the film's director)said she's the most dangerous"

On reading with and hugging Robert De Niro the first time she met him:

"At one moment, we're just embracing and it's not ending--and I'm not mixing--but at the same time, I'm like "This is fucking crazy! I'm embracing Robert De Niro right now.'"

On being a little different than one might expect:

"I remember when we first started doing 


, journalists would ask me who my dream guest star was. I would say Christopher Walken and you could see their faces fall."

On Leaving Glee:

"It's really bittersweet, because that's such a heavy part of my life for the last five years"