behind the seams: lauren moffatt

shots from the designer’s fall ’13 model casting!

by ray siegel

This fashion week we're giving you an all access look at the shows--from the designer's model castings and makeup tests, to backstage beauty, to the very first look at the collections. To kick off the week we got a behind the scenes look at Lauren Moffat who is showing her fall collection tomorrow.

We got a sneak peek at all of her prints, we witnessed her putting together belts and sequin pieces out of thin air, all while she was in the midst of expertly casting the most Moffat-esque girls for tomorrow's show. Get the very first, exclusive look right here and stay tuned for our live Instagrams and tweets tomorrow!

A sneak peek at her fall prints!

One of Moffatt's favorite models reminds her of a Chloe girl.

Moffatt in action.

This impromptu belt was whipped up on the spot to break up this blouse/skirt look.

To sequin or not to sequin...?

Moffatt testing out some fur dickies.

These are the confirmed models for Moffatt's show tomorrow.