Best Boy Band Karaoke Song

what’s the best boy band song to karaoke to?

by rebecca willa davis

Everyone has different techniques when it comes to karaoke singing. Some go for oldies. Others do ballads. But if you ask me--and you should, because I'm kinda a karaoke pro (that's what living in Tokyo will do to you)--the best way to dominate is pick a '90s boy band song.

For one thing, people know it and they love it (yes, even if they hate it they secretly love it). For another, they require very little vocal ability. And, perhaps best of all, they're pretty short--there's nothing people hate more than a mic hogger who's indulging in a five minute-long solo. (Seriously, if that's what you're into than join a choir or something.)

But what to choose? That's where things get tough because there are just so many good options. I took an informal poll of the office and we came up with these top five choices--but I want to know which you think is the best of the best. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook--or even better, Instagram a video of you performing one of them during the holidays with the hashtag #NYLONkaraoke. I promise to like it. Bonus points if you wear this Boy Bands Ruined My Life tank from Jawbreaking.

Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way"

Why: "Cheesy lyrics sung slowly is the ultimate karaoke must for me. You. Are. My. Fire." --Steff Yotka, NYLON Associate Web Editor

2gether - "U + Me = Us"

Why: "Anything that has a depressing and not that well-known story is great to start a karaoke banter. Plus, with 2gether you can be like, 'Are you a Kevin?' Because they all had such unique characters on the show. It's like which Spice Girl are you, but the cooler version." --Blair Waters, NYLON TV Producer

LFO - "Summer Girls"

Why: "I almost always start my night with this song because everyone knows it but always forgets about it. Plus, the lyrics are insane and what better what to learn them than by seeing them whiz past you onscreen? RIP Rich." --Rebecca Willa Davis, NYLON Executive Web Editor

Take That - "Back For Good"

Why: I feel like the range that it's in, you can either sing it alone or sing it with a group. And girls can sing it--it's not gender-specific."

'N Sync - "Tearin' Up My Heart"

Why: "You can get really heartfelt on this one. Also, it's really easy to incorporate the dance moves, which gets you major karaoke bonus points. Also, to prep you get to watch this video from their performance on TRL circa '98 and it is everything." --RWD