the chapstick hall of fame: which balm is worth it?

    the lippies we can’t go without

    by · January 26, 2015

    Our skin takes quite a beating in the winter. From indoor heat blasting constantly to brutal, windy weather outside, dry skin isn’t just a cosmetic worry—it is downright uncomfortable. And nothing quite takes the toll like our lips, which don’t have the same type of protection as our hair and hands. (Genius idea: Lip muffs. Quick, someone invent it!) Chapstick is an underappreciated and overlooked lifesaver. The best kind sticks around, avoids getting caught in windblown hair, and can actually make your lips healthier. Since the greatest chapstick in the world is a hot debate, we tasked the NYLON team with spilling their favorite balms and sticks. Here they are, the chapsticks we simply cannot go without.

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