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Best Coast Made An Indie-Pop Christmas Jam With An Empowering Message

Right in the holiday feels

by Eric Shorey

Some of us are still mourning Halloween and others haven't even finished their Thanksgiving leftovers but there's no stopping Christmas season now. Heralding in the next month of tinsel and cheer is indie-pop band Best Coast, who's new track is a feminist take on classic yuletide themes.

In the grand tradition of rock bands releasing seasonal tunes (The Killers announced their Christmas album last week), the new song, titled "Christmas and Everyday," has lead singer Bethany Cosentino harmonizing over sleigh bells. "Did you know when you wake up/ You can be anything," she sings jauntily. The song might be a touch saccharine, but hey, it's the holidays, and there's a message about empowerment in there (which we are always for).

The holiday bop is being released in tandem with the new Amazon Prime movie An American Girl Story–Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas. Entertainment Weekly describes the plot of the film: "Maryellen Larkin... lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. She wants to find the thing that will make her stand out in her big family, so when a family friend who has polio stays with them during his treatment, she sets her mind to helping polio patients have an amazing Christmas."

You can check out the trailer, right here:

Amazon Prime's holiday releases will also include include The Snowy Day and If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie.